Coby is ready for a pet.  But he doesn’t want just any pet, he wants the most awesomest pet ever!  Find out what happens when you combine a Hippopotamus with a dog.  Disaster is just around the corner!


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Coby is back at the drawing board to create his ultimate pet.  But, Mom and Zack are shocked when it keeps popping up in the strangest places.  With the help of some friends, Coby has to figure out what to feed a pet that’s one part hamster and one part hungry alligator.




Coby tries a new approach as he searches for the coolest pet in the world. With the help of Zack’s magical model machine, Coby creates his most realistic pet ever. The Elementary school hallways will never be the same after Elephitten chases a mouse through the school.

Can Coby save the day and undo what he’s done before Zack gets home from school?

All 8-year old Coby wants is a pet he can play fetch with. But what if his pet WAS the ball...and could fetch itself?

Coby continues his search for the coolest pet in the world, this time with inspriation from his older brother, Zack’s newest addition to the family.

Will Coby’s new pet be just the secret weapon he’s been looking for? Not even bowling alley shoe spray can protect everyone from the collision that’s coming!